Idaho Women's March

Women are Fed Up and Fired Up!

2024 Speakers Idaho Women’s March

Ilana Rubel

Representative Ilana Rubel is a Canadian-American politician currently serving in the Idaho House of Representatives as House Minority Leader. She is in her 6th term and has been representing District 18 since 2014. Representative Rubel is passionate about supporting the people of Idaho and will be speaking on the status of Idaho’s abortion laws, women’s reproductive laws, and pending litigations being sent to the Supreme Court.

Dr Cynthia Brooke

Dr. Brooke came to Idaho in 2015 as an OB Hospitalist. She fell in love with Idaho and bought her dream home here for retirement. She commutes back and forth as a part-time Hospitalist in Orange
County where she continues delivering babies. Dr. Brooke will speak about the state of obstetrical medicine. She has talked extensively with fellow OB/GYNs. Idaho doctors, she said, live in fear of criminal prosecution and anger as their patients suffer needlessly from Idaho’s draconian anti-abortion laws.

Lucius Alden

My name is Lucius Alden (he/him) and I’m a senior attending Boise Online. I am a part of the local trans community in Boise and have been active in the Treasure Valley activism space since 2022, with most of my activism being independent and online. I am so excited to be given the opportunity to speak about the struggles placed on trans lives and the struggles native reservations in Idaho face today. I can’t wait to see you guys!

Yuxyuan Cheng

My name is Yuxuan Cheng (she/her) and I’m a sophomore at Renaissance High School. I started my involvement with Treasure Valley activism in 2023 with BABEVOTE and Reclaim Idaho, working to register new voters and canvass for signatures. As a first generation Chinese-American immigrant I’m so ecstatic to speak about the crossroad of civic engagement and the American values my family immigrated here for. See you all at the Capitol!!

Yvonne Shen
My name is Yvonne Shen. I am a student at Boise High. I spoke out against a harmful education bill when I was in 8th grade. You can catch that speech here:  8th Grader Schools Idaho Legislators.